How should we act at meal times? What do we say when we are meeting someone new? How can we be a good helper to others? What are some ways we can be a good friend to our classmates? Find out the answers along with other suggestions on how things can go more smoothly when we use our manners. You will discover that people will always choose to be around someone who is kind, thoughtful and mannerly rather than one who is rude.

No matter how old we are or where we live, good manners are always important. Practicing them shows respect and consideration for others. This book focuses on a few basic manners that will help children to learn appropriate behavior in different social settings.

For some children, preschool is a big adjustment. Getting used to the structure, rules, and social relationships can be a struggle. Sometimes, a little change of attitude and a new perspective can make all the difference.
Moving can be a traumatic experience, especially for a child. Find out how this boy deals with the stress of leaving his home by looking at the situation in a positive way. Changing our perspective and having an ‘attitude of gratitude’ can sometimes make all the difference.
Divorce, remarriage and blended families are facts of our society. This can be a very big adjustment for children. Our Blended Family tells the story of one little girl’s experience. Find out how she copes with a new step parent and step siblings and comes to terms with being a member of a blended family.
Trials and challenges are a part of life that none of us escapes, but there are lessons that can be learned during these difficult times. Join us on a 31-day journey as we delve into the Bible, discovering how to grow, and even flourish, during crises. Jill Pike combines scripture, prayer, and personal anecdotes and insights to visit such topics as fear, loneliness, and our relationship with God and with others. This illustrated practical guide offers suggestions for coping with the stress, despair, and exhaustion that often accompany dealing with a crisis.
In this technological age, our devices compete for more and more of our time, energy, and attention. My hope is that A Walk Around the Lake will remind us that there is a beautiful world out there waiting for us to explore and enjoy. I encourage you to unplug and take your own walk around a lake, through the woods or up a mountain to see what delights of nature you can discover. Even better, share this adventure with the children in your life; and see the world anew through the wonder of a child’s eyes.
In John 15, Jesus urges us to abide in him so that our lives will bear much fruit. But what does that really mean, and how do we achieve it? In this brief study, we will search the scriptures to reflect on ways we can remain in Christ. Along the way, we may also discover many other insights as we mature in this vital area of our Christian faith.
We are all unique individuals—each created with our own special abilities. It is our task to identify our gifts and use them to bless others and to glorify the Great Creator. Find out how Gray Bird discovers what makes him special.

Embark on a thirty-one day journey and explore some of the many things God teaches us through his creation. Filled with inspiration and hope, this devotional guide by Jill Ciccone Pike melds scripture, personal anecdotes, prayer and coastal-themed illustrations to help you draw closer to God.

Ebb Tide Treasures offers an opportunity for daily spiritual growth as you immerse yourself in the beauty of this special place-the coast.
Things can be tough for a child whose father, for whatever reason, is not in the home. I Miss My Daddy explores some of the feelings and challenges one little boy faces because his dad is no longer there. With caring adults to guide him, can he succeed in coping with his anger and find a new way of looking at life? Beautifully illustrated by Cady Driver, this story can be a valuable resource to any child experiencing the loss or absence of a parent.
This concise, yet thorough study of stewardship, generosity, giving and tithing traces these practices from the Old Testament to the New Testament.

Thirteen principles are identified as we examine the words of Jesus and the Apostle Paul, as well as Old Testament verses dealing with this important area of the Christian life.
Take this opportunity to grow in your faith as you study these principles and seek to apply them to your own life.